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Restylane Day Cream SPF 15 50ml

31,00 € each


Modern Life-style pushes your skin out of balance, breaking down your skin barrier, which protects you from sun, pollution and stress.

Restylane Day Cream with Sun Protection Factor 15 is a soft moisturizer suitable for all skin types.


Protect and revitalize as the cream base is very similar to the skin it helps build up your own protective skin barrier, shielding your skin from pollution and stress. Restylane Day Cream contains active ingredients that improves the skin. Regular use will increase the hydration, smoothness and beauty of your skin whilst protecting it from UV-radiation.

Qualities of Day Cream with the added benefit of SPF15 UV protection via organic UV filters. This protects your delicate skin from the damaging UV-radiation that can prematurely age the skin. rotect and vitalise your skin Restylane Day CreamSPF15 has a natural affinity for skin, and used daily you can look forward to softer, glowing skin with improved luminosity.

The active ingredients that improve the skin's own detoxifying ability, giving rise to soft and healthy skin. Skin hydration and smoothness The hydrating formulation is clinically proven to fill out small lines and improve the skin's structure*, leaving you looking and feeling beautiful.

IMPROVED SKIN PROTECTION Combined with all the benefits of Restylane Day Cream, the SPF15 formulation also protects your delicate skin from damaging UV-radiation that can prematurely age the skin appearance and structure. The technology behind Restylane The Day Cream SPF15 contains the Restylane patented form of stabilized hyaluronic acid, which has been embedded in a very special lipid network. This unique combination, only found in Restylane Skincare products, provides your skin with superb protection and rehydrates whilst leaving your skin looking radiant.

For best results use with Restylane Night Cream 50ml, apply to thoroughly cleansed skin in the morning.

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