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Restylane Vital Light Injector 2ml

120,00 € each


Both Restylane Vital™ products are now available in Restylane® Injector. 
Following on from the success and popularity of Restylane Vital™ Light in the pen type injector, the original product in the rejuvenation range, Restylane Vital, is now also available in the Restylane Injector delivery system.


Restylane Vital treatment can be demanding and precise work that can require hundreds of repeated doses over large areas of skin. This can be a strain even when using a high quality syringe. After listening to your experiences we developed Restylane Injector to make treatment more comfortable and convenient for you and give your patients the best possible results. Preloaded with 2 ml of gel, one Restylane Injector delivers 200 controlled doses of 10 ?l per injection. The injector comes loaded with Restylane Vital or with Restylane Vital Light. 



  • Even volume distribution over large skin areas for predictable treatment results.
  • Ergonomic design with a firm grip close to the needle for increased working comfort and hand support.
  • Controlled dosage of 10 ?l per deposit that minimizes the risk for overdosing.
  • More focus on placing the needle at the correct depth.
  • Maximum treatment economy with 200 preloaded doses in each injector.


Both injectors are now available with the new and innovative Thin Wall Needle. The new needle has improved flow properties that makes each injection with the injector considerably faster and more comfortable.



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