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Belotero Balance Lidocaine 1ml

138,00 € each


Belotero Balance is an ideal product for volume enhancement treatments and can be used for deep furrows, lip augmentation, facial outlines, naso-labial furrows, glabellar lines and the correction of facial depressions, either due to injury or age-related scaring.

It is injected into the medium to deep dermis with a 27G needle. 

Contains lidocaine, a powerful anaesthetic for comfort injection



Belotero Balance with Lidocaine


BELOTERO Balance is indicated for the filling of all types of wrinkles and the moderate increase in volume. Injected into the superficial and middle dermis, strong cohesiveness allows a moderate increase in volume in the temples, cheekbones and cheeks while maintaining optimal tissue integration capability. The product is used to fill nasolabial furrows light to moderate the bitterness folds, glabellar lines, identifies the hollow, white lip without increasing volume, perioral wrinkles, the hem and the philtrum and volumiser and rehydrating the lips soft and natural way.


BELOTERO Balance is the only hyaluronic acid can be injected with very superficial "Blanching Technique" without risking Tyndall effect (bluish mark on the face).


Holding back the years


As we age, our skin inevitably loses its youthful appearance as the production of natural dermal volumisers and moisturisers such as hyaluronic acid (HA) diminish, leaving lines and wrinkles where our skin was once youthful, even and radiant. Today, the signs and symptoms of the natural ageing process can be reduced by replacing the lost hyaluronic acid.


Holistic solution for targeted needs


Products containing HA address all aspects of the ageing process and are used in various treatment approaches. Belotero® offers an extended range for smoothing and filling wrinkles, lip augmentation, restoring facial volumes and rehydrating skin.


Enhance patient’s comfort


Belotero® now comes with lidocaine. Due to the addition of the anesthetic, lidocaine, patient comfort can be enhanced. The influence of lidocaine even endures after the injection procedure.


Intelligent design in aesthetics


The Belotero® range of fillers lets you achieve predictable and harmonious results by tailoring an approach that optimises the balance of the 3 essential properties elasticity, cohesivity and plasticity. The Belotero® products can be used individually or in combination to tailor an aesthetic solution for each patient depending on the skin’s structural and functional needs.


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