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Surgiderm 30 XP-2 x 0.8ml

137,00 € each


Product Description

Eradicate Deep Facial Folds: Buy Surgiderm 30 XP Online Today

Cosmetic enhancement professionals have been choosing to buy Surgiderm 30 XP online since 2006, and its popularity is consistently increasing. This is because Surgiderm 30 XP is uniquely suited to treat the most persistent facial chasms, even if they have been left untreated for years. The XP in the name stands for ‘extra plastic,’ which means that the molecule blends into the dermis better than any other hyaluronic acid filler.

Physicians who buy Surgiderm 30 XP can inject it into all three layers of the dermis. This ensures that volume loss and sunken areas can be treated from every dimension. Many doctors also buy wholesale Surgiderm 30 XP to flatten out nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Finally, the product is useful as a contouring device for the cheekbones, chin, and even the lips.

Side Effects to Consider When You Buy Wholesale Surgiderm 30 XP

There are a few common side effects reported by those who purchase Surgiderm 30 XP but all of them are mild and temporary. These include redness, discomfort at the injection site, and swelling. In very rare cases patients who buy Surgiderm 30 XP report the formation of granulomas after injection, though the frequency of this is 1 in every 15,000 treatments.

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Allergan
Brand Surgiderm
Strength 0.8 ml
Pack Size 2 pre-filled syringe(s)

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