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Radiesse 0.8ml

165,00 € each



Manufacturer Merz
Brand Radiesse
Strength .8 ml
Pack Size 1 pre-filled syringe(s)



Buy Radiesse 0.8 ml Wholesale

Radiesse is yet another outstanding cosmetic filler manufactured and distributed by Merz. Just as the rest of the Prestige Fillers product line, we fully guarantee that Radiesse 0.8ml is authentic. Many consumers and medical professionals alike report that they prefer to buy Radiesse online to reduce the cost of Radiesse as well as maintain the recommended follow up procedures. The average Radiesse 0.8ml injection is said to last approximately 16-18 months before a follow up procedure may be needed. This statistic alone reduces the price of Radiesse treatments tremendously – bringing more value to use Radiesse routinely.

Prestige Fillers Offers Easy Access to Buy Radiesse 0.8ml

Since many consumers prefer to buy Radiesse online, Gibson Medical Outlet provides a safe and secure way to buy Radiesse wholesale as well – saving time and money! When shopping for Radiesse injections, one can never be too careful about who they purchase from. Gibson Medical Outlet offers a direct international resource to buy quality Radiesse injections from licensed manufacturers and distributors. Not to mention the savings when you take advantage of our wholesale Radiesse prices!

How to Use Radiesse 0.8ml

Most commonly used as a cosmetic filler to reduce signs of aging, Radiesse is also used to enhance facial features such as cheeks and eyebrow line. Prestige Fillers provides single injection 0.8ml pre-filled syringe to satisfy the recommended dosage for commonly used procedures. Medical professionals across the country prefer to use Radiesse in procedures to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin due to natural aging. Radiesse creates a natural looking enhancement highlighting your facial features and balancing the creases and folds in the skin. Many medical professionals state that Radiesse is able to provide such a natural appeal because it is calcium based. This product also increases the natural collagen process in the skin, giving it more elasticity and less wrinkles.

Radiesse 0.8ml Side Effects

The use of Radiesse can produce common side effects found in cosmetic fillers such as slight swelling on or around the injection area, bruising and irritation. Many cases have reported minor bleeding or pinkish puffiness around in the injection area as well. These symptoms usually occur immediately following the procedure and have been reported to last up to six hours after injection. Contact your physician to find out more about the possible side effects of Radiesse.

The Prestige Fillers Radiesse Guarantee

When you buy Radiesse at Prestige Fillers, you can rest assured that you are paying the lowest cost for the highest quality product! We offer 100% customer satisfaction on every product we provide to ensure that the medical community has a safe and secure place to buy Radiesse conveniently. At Prestige Fillers, we guarantee that you will receive only authentic products.

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